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Chronic Pain and Painkillers Review Form

In the past many patients have been prescribed strong pain killers. Patients were told that medications should be taken regularly and doses increased often. This was often on the advice of the local pain clinic. This advice was wrong and many people now find themselves inadvertently dependent on these drugs?

Many patients have pain that is difficult to define with conditions like fibromyalgia, regional pain syndromes, and chronic back pain. These conditions do not respond to long term use of pain killers and these drugs simply stop working.

There are many other treatment options and many people find Live well With Pain a very helpful website to support patients.  

Here are some links to  Gabapentin , Pregabalin , Co-codamol, DihydrocodeineTramadol and morphine.  

Here is a patient story about prescription drug dependence.

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Chronic Pain and Painkillers Review
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Chronic Pain and Painkillers Review

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