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Getting to the surgery

We are easily accessible by public transport or get driving instructions on Google Maps.

  • By bus: Route W4 stops outside the surgery.
  • By tube: Bus route W4 links to both Tottenham Hale tube and overground station and Turnpike Lane Station.
  • By car or bicycle There are ample parking spaces for cars and bicycles in front of the surgery.


There are parking spaces for cars, bicycles and the disabled.

Checking-in on arrival

If you have an appointment, please check-in at reception as soon as you arrive and you will be entered on the computer system. Alternatively, you can use our Automated Check-in screen at the front desk and follow the easy to use on-screen instructions. The system checks you in, and confirms the appointment time and the name of the doctor or nurse. You must check in, as this is the only way we know you are in the building in case there is an emergency and the building needs to be evacuated.